#WhatIs is a series of dynamic, entry-level self-development guides. Each one is written by a practicing expert in their respective fields, and offers a thought-provoking exploration of that topic. They give a practical, behind-the-scenes tour of that field or phenomenon, showing the immense power that it can have to enhance your life in all kinds of amazing ways.

With #WhatIs we invite you on an explorative journey through the world of these mind-body-spirit subjects, and will challenge preconceptions, demystify the topic and encourage you to lead a more open, fulfilled, meaningful and content life.

What Is A Personality Number? – #WhatIs Numerology?

#WhatIs Numerology?
Your day of birth is significant in regards to the characteristics you will develop, and finding your Personality Number will allow you to delve deeper into these characteristics. A Personality Number can provide insight into [...]

Why You Should Read #WhatIs Hypnosis?

#WhatIs Hypnosis?
There are many reasons why you should read #WhatIs Hypnosis? In fact, you can find 20 reasons why at the beginning of the book. Here’s an extract that provides you with information about hypnosis, how it [...]
#WhatIs Mindfulness?

Mindfulness Techniques – #WhatIs Mindfulness?

The techniques that you use for mindfulness cannot be determined by a set definition. Each mindful experience is unique to every person, and as such your technique must be personalized. You can read up on different [...]
#WhatIs Post-Traumatic Growth?

Resilience To Stress – #WhatIs Post-Traumatic Growth?

Part of post-traumatic growth is about building resilience learning how to react to immense stress. The definition of resilient can come from many different branches. Due to this, it is down to personal experience to [...]
#WhatIs Sound Healing?

A Brief History of Sound – #WhatIs Sound Healing?

In order to understand the importance of sound healing, we must first understand the history of sound. It is also necessary to uncover how it initially became linked to healing. The history of this ancient practise [...]
#WhatIs Mindfulness?

Mindful Education – #WhatIs Mindfulness?

Since being mindful is an old concept which has been used for generations, it is only natural for mindful education to change accordingly. Old traditions are mixing with new technologies and teaching methods, meaning is […]

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