#WhatIs is a series of dynamic, entry-level self-development guides. Each one is written by a practicing expert in their respective fields, and offers a thought-provoking exploration of that topic. They give a practical, behind-the-scenes tour of that field or phenomenon, showing the immense power that it can have to enhance your life in all kinds of amazing ways.

With #WhatIs we invite you on an explorative journey through the world of these mind-body-spirit subjects, and will challenge preconceptions, demystify the topic and encourage you to lead a more open, fulfilled, meaningful and content life.

Why Practise Mindfulness? – #WhatIs Mindfulness?

#WhatIs Mindfulness?
The practise of mindfulness is a popular concept in our current culture. As we surround ourselves with more technology and work longer hours, mindfulness has for many balance everyday life. A chance at escapism is [...]

How Does Hypnosis Work? – #WhatIs Hypnosis?

#WhatIs Hypnosis?
Hypnosis is not something everyone has already heard of. In particular, they haven’t heard of hypnosis in relation to self-help and wellbeing. It may sound like a daunting skill at first, but you can soon [...]
#WhatIs Hypnosis?

Why You Should Read #WhatIs Hypnosis?

There are many reasons why you should read #WhatIs Hypnosis? In fact, you can find 20 reasons why at the beginning of the book. Here’s an extract that provides you with information about hypnosis, how it [...]

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