Why You Should Read #WhatIs Sound Healing?

Liz Cooper’s aim in writing this book was to provide an accessible guide to sound healing for anyone who would like to learn more about it. It is aimed at the first-time explorer into the world of therapeutic sound, but will also give some ‘grist for the mill’ for anyone who already knows a bit about the subject and is hoping to deepen existing knowledge. As you journey through the book, you will discover more about the properties of sound and why we react to it in the way we do. You will discover whether your response is a result of our primal human programming, our life experience, or both.

The more you understand about your natural reactions to sound (and about ourselves through the lens of therapeutic sound), the more healing potential sound can have for us. Although this is not a ‘how-to’ book as such, it will touch on how to use sound and music as if they were ‘sonic vitamins’ that can improve health and wellbeing, and encourage personal development. This book provides information for those who are thinking about having a therapeutic sound treatment or looking for a group to join.

Here are 20 reasons to start reading the book:

‘1). Discover the benefits of therapeutic sound on your body, mind and emotions

2). Fine-tune your listening skills

3). Develop your self-awareness

4). Feel more connected to all that is around and within you

5). Become more connected to yourself and feel fully present

6). Learn how to use sound practically in your life, for reducing pain, clearing mental clutter and helping with recovery from illness

7). Know instantly what serves you and what doesn’t

8). Learn how you process and make sense of your experience for improved self-awareness

9). Recognise and release negative feelings from the past

10). Learn how to deal with negativity when it arises

11). Love and appreciate yourself and others more fully

12). Learn practical ‘sonic’ quick-fixes for stress and concentration

13). Detach yourself from negative emotions

14). Use sound to deepen and strengthen your relationships

15). Understand the different types of therapeutic sound session

16). Learn about different instruments used in sound healing

17). Find a greater spiritual connection

18). Learn how to use everyday sounds as healing tools

19). Understand more about consciousness

20). Learn how to transform your consciousness with regular sound therapy sessions’

– From #WhatIs Sound Healing? by Lyz Cooper

Dig into the opportunities of sound and its healing effects on your mind, body and daily life!

To learn a brief history of sound click here.

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