Why Is Sound Important? – #WhatIs Sound Healing?

Sound is a powerful tool that can affect both our body and mind. Any time that our hearing is not what we’re used to it can physically affect us and our balance. Furthermore, particular sounds can affect our emotions and outlook on life. Due to its immense affect, it can be used for healing purposes.

‘Sound is a fundamental part of who we are. Since time immemorial we have used sound to assess our surroundings (from early man listening for prey to make more modern use of, say, nautical sonar), sense safety or danger, understand or share emotions and create a mood. The sound of our words enables us to communicate and share stories; musical sounds – an art form – enable us to uplift, soothe and restore both ourselves and others; sacred sounds make us feel able to connect to something beyond ourselves, alter our consciousness and nurture our spiritual connection. Sound has the power to change not just our emotional and spiritual wellbeing, but our physical wellbeing, too.

Our brains have evolved to respond to certain sounds in certain ways – for example, a scream sends a surge of adrenaline into our system and the soothing rhythm of the sounds of a lullaby have relaxing effect on the body and mind, encouraging us to sleep. We respond to sound not only with our consciousness, but also with our physical selves. Think of the times a song from your past gave you goosebumps (your brain triggers the release of dopamine, the chemical transmitter related to feelings of pleasure); or the cries of a baby have led to an overwhelming need to protect (your brain triggers the release of oxytocin, the love and bonding hormone).’

– From #WhatIs Sound Healing? by Lyz Cooper

You can read more about the importance of sound in Lyz Cooper’s book!

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