The Power of Sound – #WhatIs Sound Healing?

Sound is a powerful tool which we use everyday to connect with others and enhance our own wellbeing. Its power can be seen in how it is to express our happiness and joy. It also allows us to understand new emotions. Using sound healing in all aspects our lives is a healthy way to discover our inner-self and communicate effectively.

‘Sound provides a bridge between our bodies, the world we live in, each other and more deeply our innermost, spiritual selves. Even when it begins outside of us, we literally ‘embody’ it – feeling its vibrations within us. When we sing or play an instrument, we create sound that has an emotional effect on our body and mind – that sounds release chemical messengers that make us feel a certain way.

Furthermore, sounds trigger memories for us. Not just the memories that come from our own past experiences, but also reminders that there is life beyond the self. Think of the sounds of nature – these remind us of the beauty and richness of life, of the existence of other things. Stimulating us in this way puts us within the context of the wider world, reminding us that we are part of something bigger and greater than our individual selves. Many people find this sense of interconnectedness of all things a form of healing in itself.

Sound is a powerful tool for expression and communication. Not only do the sound waves ripple toward us, the emotion that the sound triggers resonates within us. Think of the infectious joy in a child’s shriek of excitement; or the deep empathy we may feel when we hear someone else’s sobs of sadness. Shared sound can build communities and strengthen bonds. Through altered states of consciousness sound enables us to tap into levels of our inner selves that we might never otherwise discover or draw from.

Why do we connect with sound so deeply? I believe it’s because there is no other medium or experience that touches us in so many ways and with such potential for profound, transformative effect.’

From #WhatIs Sound Healing? by Lyz Cooper

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