Childhood vs Adulthood NDEs – #WhatIs A Near-Death Experience?

childhood nde what is a near-death experience

NDEs can happen to anyone, no matter what their culture, education or age may be. Due to this, many have started to question the differences between NDEs in childhood and adulthood. It may seem surprising that children can experience NDEs. However, they simply experience it in different ways to adults that reflect their lives so far.

‘Some researchers found that the life review is less common in childhood NDEs. Given that children have less life experience to reflect on, this wouldn’t be that surprising. However, contradicting findings of later studies lead to the conclusion that length of life does not influence if a person will have a life review or not.

While adult NDErs usually see dead people, children also report seeing relatives who are still alive, perhaps because they have less first-hand knowledge of death in their young lives than adults. Finally, seeing dead pets seems to be more common in childhood NDEs.’

From #WhatIs A Near-Death Experience? by Dr Penny Sartori.

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