Psychological Changes of an NDE – #WhatIs A Near-Death Experience?

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NDErs often experience a sense of enlightenment. After their experience they approach life from a new perspective. A Near-Death Experience is a personal incident which results in individual behaviour, but certain psychological changes have been recorded by many.

‘Not all psychological changes present themselves in every person who has had an NDE, but the following are those that occur most commonly:

  • Lessened fear of death
  • Changed attitude towards others
  • Redressed sense of value
  • Need to simplify life or career
  • Greater self-belief

Lessened fear of death:

Probably the most common and most profound effect of an NDE is to transform how the person views death. Most people who have had a pleasant NDE report coming away with a deep-seated conviction that death is nothing to fear – the majority feel that they’ve already been through death and that it was wonderful.’

From #WhatIs a Near-Death Experience? by Dr Penny Sartori.

The profound effect of these psychological changes is something everyone can learn from. A deeper understanding of happiness could be had if we all understood the value of life before a serious life event occurred.

You can find more detail about each psychological changes inside #WhatIs a Near-Death Experience?.

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