A Brief History of Sound – #WhatIs Sound Healing?

In order to understand the importance of sound healing, we must first understand the history of sound. It is also necessary to uncover how it initially became linked to healing. The history of this ancient practise has always been important to the idea of wellbeing and communication. Sound and its healing properties have been linked to development of culture and knowledge for generations.

‘Archaeological evidence enables us to interpret how ancient people may have used sound for its powerful effects, including healing – although this was probably something that happened by instinct rather than intention. First, music and sound have been a way to bring communities together and we know that bonding and feeling a part of a ‘pack’ is an important aspect of wellbeing. Second, weather and the animal and plant kingdoms were essential to survival, and our ancestors would have developed methods – through prayer, ritual and ceremony – that would have given them a feeling of connection and influence over the natural world. As worship and ceremony began to form part of life, sound and music would have provided a means to communicate with nature, the gods and the cosmos.’

From #WhatIs Sound Healing? by Lyz Cooper


Once you read about this history its becomes evident how easily sound healing can be passed down throughout time. Now, sound is used to relax, to excite, to get emotional, to become thoughtful. It is still a way to communicate and share emotions, even without us noticing. After all, a movie without background music is not a real movie at all.

How important is sound healing to you? Have you only just realised how prominent it is in your life?

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