A Scientific Approach to NDEs – #WhatIs A Near-Death Experience?

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There has been ongoing research into near-death experiences for decades. Every piece of research has been striving towards an answer as to why they occur. The debate has constantly been whether NDEs are based in myth or if they have solid scientific evidence behind them. Due to this, NDEs have always been a hot topic for scientists.

“When it comes to trying to explain what really causes NDEs, the brutal truth is that although we are now much more open to the experience of NDEs and all that this entails, we are still not that much wiser than we were hundreds of years ago as to any hard, scientific answers. Science doesn’t appear to offer us any realistic or robust answers – all we can do is keep researching, keep recording the experiences and talking about them, then analyse them as closely as we can to watch the patterns emerge.

However, just because our current science cannot explain NDEs does not mean that these are not real. Our inability to explain NDEs from this perspective is due to limitations in our scientific understanding as it currently stands, and that we need to review and expand our science rather than ignore these extremely important experiences.

Recent research into NDEs just scratches the surface of what is to be learned about consciousness. Research in this area is increasing and the possibility of achieving a greater understanding is what excites me.”

– From #WhatIs A Near-Death Experience? by Dr Penny Sartori.

Every piece of research has barely scratched the surface of the true reason behind NDEs. To delve deeper into its complicated history, take a look at #WhatIs A Near-Death Experience?.

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Do you have any theories into what causes NDEs? We’d love to hear them.

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