Relaxing At Home With Sound – #WhatIs Sound Healing?

Many may question if sound healing can truly have the results people claim to receive. However, once sound healing is broken down into basic elements it becomes obvious how effective it can be. You can try it at home if you don’t believe us! If you’re not 100% convinced, think back to a song that filled you with emotion. That is the power of sound healing.

‘The chances are you are already using sound in therapeutic ways at home without even realizing it. For example, when you choose a piece of music with the specific aim of energizing or relaxing yourself, you’re ‘healing’ yourself with sound. And when your favourite track gives you chills or goosebumps, it’s a sign that you have given yourself a quick boost of endorphin, a natural anti-depressant chemical associated with the reward centres in the brain. Similarly, the sound of birdsong, children’s squeals of delight during play, rhythmic waves lapping gently on a shore or the rustle of trees in the breeze can affect us in positive ways. It therefore follows that simply by being more aware of times when you hear such things, and by making an active choice to listen to them more often, you will already be treating yourself to the benefits of what we call ‘home practice’.

However, for more targeted or specific work you might also like to use either your own voice or musical instruments as part of a deeper therapeutic/ healing process. Something as simple as singing in the shower can be a great creative release, while taking a few minutes to practise toning or overtoning can be really soothing. Although there are certain instruments that are best used with a practitioner, most are easy and fun to experiment with at home: a drum or a Himalayan bowl, for example.’

From #WhatIs Sound Healing? by Lyz Cooper.

This is only the start of how sound can help you. There is much more to be learnt and you can find numerous ways to incorporate it into your daily life.

To learn more about sound healing, take a look inside #WhatIs Sound Healing?

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