How Does Hypnosis Work? – #WhatIs Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is not something everyone has already heard of. In particular, they haven’t heard of hypnosis in relation to self-help and wellbeing.

It may sound like a daunting skill at first, but you can soon learn how it works. Learning even the most basic technique can help you in understanding how hypnosis could help you.

You can learn the basics now:

‘The brain constantly filters reality, only letting us become consciously aware of things that fit our model of the world. For instance, you are not consciously aware of all the information that is entering your mind this very moment. While you have been reading, it hasn’t been relevant, so your inner mind hasn’t bothered to let you be conscious of it. It might be a car going by outside, the washing machine rumbling away in the background, or the feeling of your toes. Take a moment right now to focus on your toes and how they feel.

Such sensory feelings have been constantly reaching your brain but have been filtered out as described above.

Hypnosis works in many ways by drawing your attention to what is already there. By bringing your attention to it, a hypnotist can invite you to bring relaxation there and to feel more positive feelings by becoming more aware of positive sensations. This not only induces relaxation but it also helps people become more aware of their previously unrecognized potential.’

From #WhatIs Hypnosis? by Tom Fortes Mayer


Did you notice anything in particular when you focused on your toes? You may have even become aware of a different body part!

Certainly, this is not a all-including explanation. If you want to know more about how you can learn it yourself – take a look inside #WhatIs Hypnosis?

You can learn more in our blog posts – including the power of hypnosis and author insights.

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