The History of Numerology – #WhatIs Numerology?

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The numbers that are most important to us are continually at work and are trying to regulate our lives. Throughout history, they have made sense of each aspect of our lives and provided a commonality between these aspects. For centuries every message that they communicate has influenced everyone’s inner selves.

A brief history of Numerology:

“When and where did Numerology first emerge? 

Everything was born out of numbers; since time began numerical cycles have underpinned and created the movement and expansion that have formed the universe. On earth we are obviously influenced by the solar and lunar cycles. We’re also governed by seasonal cycles, the daily 24- hour cycle, the cycle of birth and death in nature, and so on. Cycles can be understood as numbers, patterns or rhythms that provide the foundation for existence.

Did ancient civilizations live according to Numerology? 

Every generation lives according to cycles or numbers but ancient peoples applied Numerology in many different ways. Early man mainly worked with the numbers 1, 2 and 3. Number 3 is called the Trinity because there are often three different aspects to life, such as mental–emotional–physical, mother–father–child, sleeping–eating–reproduction, and so on. Ancient Egyptians revered the science of numerology and particularly the number 3, recognizing that numbers and life were full of energy in constant motion.

Which great thinkers have been Numerologists? 

The Greek philosopher Pythagoras, who lived in the sixth century BCE, is one of the first individuals we can identify as a Numerologist. He seems to have believed it was for the esotericists of the world – who understood the journey of the soul – to discover Numerology and use it wisely to guide humanity. Pythagoras taught that everything was born out of numerical relationships and, more importantly, it was up to the seekers to investigate these for themselves.”

– From #WhatIs Numerology? by Sonia Ducie.

As we can see, numerology has a long heritage and has been used by great thinkers for generations. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg of numerology’s importance.

#WhatIs Numerology? will help you to understand the deep connection that we all have to certain numbers. It will also show how they can influence your day-to-day life.

If you enjoyed reading about the history of numerology, you can find out more by listening to author Sonia Ducie talk about numerology here.

Do you know any interesting facts about numerology?

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