The Benefits of Hypnosis – #WhatIs Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is not a skill a lot of people try to build. It is mostly associated with manipulating other peoples minds, rather than benefiting them. However, its benefits can actually be very useful for yourself and your beloved.

‘Hypnosis can help you to discover what your underlying beliefs really are. It can also help you look at the reasons you believe what you do and can work on changing these beliefs if they are limiting you. Most people never spend time exploring their beliefs to discover the possible limiting thinking that may be unnecessarily holding them back. Until Roger Bannister ran a mile in under four minutes, it was considered impossible. People had been trying to achieve this feat for decades without success. Yet, once he had done it, hundreds of people managed it over the following years.

You can use Hypnosis as a skill for:

  • Changing beliefs,
  • altering perception and perspective,
  • optimising performance,
  • enhancing rest and relaxation,
  • managing fear,
  • increasing motivation,
  • boosting health and healing,
  • enhancing other forms of therapy or
  • deepening spiritual practices.

The positive benefits of hypnosis far outweigh the negatives. It can help you unlock your inborn creativity and curiosity and to come to terms with your underlying worries and fears. Used properly, it can help you to programme the unconscious mind to develop empowering beliefs, so ensuring that you are the architect of your own destiny and the master of your fate.’

From #WhatIs Hypnosis? By Tom Fortes Mayer

Hypnosis is a widely under-developed skill, and we think the world could be very different if more people learn it. You can learn more about hypnosis and how powerful it can be in our other blog posts.

Do you think hypnosis is a positive skill for you to learn?

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