The Power of Hypnosis – #WhatIs Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a tool that holds a lot of power and can enable you to be better at understanding yourself. Then you overcome challenges more rapidly, achieve goals more easily and enjoy greater levels of health, happiness and harmony.

Hypnosis may not seem like the obvious choice when you are trying to find a solution to stressful situations. However, learning the basics may change your mind.

‘Because of the associated relaxation and the increased objectivity about what you are feeling and why you are feeling it, hypnosis enables you to work through the layers of your emotions quickly. This helps you to understand yourself and others more deeply, as well as helping you to let go of any hurt and deal with the defensive responses and negative reactions that usually make difficulties more pronounced and prolonged.

Hypnosis enables you to be more centred and calm when other people may get very distressed, scared and angry. This resilience, for example, will enable you to be more loving with your partner when he or she is having a bad day, calmer and settled when threatened or challenged, more able to present and perform under pressure and generally feeling more at peace with yourself and life as a whole.’

FromĀ #WhatIs Hypnosis? by Tom Fortes Mayer

It will becomeĀ more and more easy as you practise and hone your hypnosis skills. Once you are comfortable with hypnosis, the extent of its power will become clear.

Do you have an interesting experience to share about hypnosis? Or do you think it will be able to help with a certain aspect of your life?

Hypnosis can help with various aspects of daily life, from your overall happiness to your sleep.

If you would like to learn more from Tom Fortes Mayer, you can find more information in his book!


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