Future Reading with Esoteric Numerology – #WhatIs Numerology?

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Numerology allows a person to observe their life from a different perspective and understand certain life events. Once you understand why previous events have occurred, it becomes easier to predict what may happen in the future. Depending on your character and how you react to the world, you can understand yourself and start to gain control.

Numerology has been defined as ‘branch of knowledge that deals with the occult significance of numbers’ in English Oxford Dictionary.

“In certain parts of the world, such as India, Poland, Africa and China, predictive numerology or divination is very popular and it is generally very accurate because it is based upon statistics and thousands of years of observation. That is, if x happened previously, then y is likely to happen now, and z is likely to happen in the future. People visit Numerologists to find out the overall ‘plan’ of their lives. Some of them get married in the year that was predicted, moved countries when it was said, worked with certain skills as foretold, but they also talk about things that didn’t happen because of changes in the movement of the heavens.

Esoteric Numerology – the system I use – provides an accurate ‘weather forecast’. That is to say it is correct at the time, but the conditions in the heavens may change. This makes you realize that you are responsible for your own journey. By connecting with soul you can make the most of your qualities, gifts and skills and embrace change. To do the best you can and be the best you can be within your set of circumstances is what you are aiming for.”

– From #WhatIs Numerology? by Sonia Ducie.

To find out the specifics of Numerology, such as your Personality Number, find Sonia’s book.

Do you believe in this type of numerology or a different one?

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