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Your day of birth is significant in regards to the characteristics you will develop, and finding your Personality Number will allow you to delve deeper into these characteristics. A Personality Number can provide insight into someone’s desires, needs, and behaviours.

As it is a number between 1 – 9, it may seem as though this is a very limiting Number. However, the shared qualities can be influenced by external factors such as social groups, culture, and other numbers in your Birth Chart.

“If you spend a lot of time with certain people you start to take on their mannerisms too. This is fascinating because what you think of as ‘my personality’ is suddenly put into wider perspective, allowing you to see that we are all a part of a larger collective energy or group. Ultimately humanity is one soul. Through awareness of your Personality Number you can start to let go of limiting mindsets.

Your Personality Number is based on your day of birth.

The Personality Number gives insight into your behaviour, psychological make-up and childhood conditioning.

Example. If you were born on the 17th of the month (any month):

Add 1 + 7 = 8.

Your Personality Number is 8.

Character Strengths: You project an air of authority, status and wealth, even when you’re down to your last penny, because you’re charismatic and powerful, certain and strong. You’re also incredibly directional, which people like because they know exactly where they stand. You give others a sense of purpose. You love flattery and enjoy smooth talking, but underneath your shrewd nature means you know what’s what.

Character Weaknesses: You have a big ego. At times you think you’re so powerful you can actually bargain with fate. But then life deals you a tough hand and you have to cope with it by finding your backbone and taking responsibility like the rest of humanity. You may clash with those in authority, but you’re learning that your way is not always the best way to achieve a goal.”

– From #WhatIs Numerology? by Sonia Ducie.

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