Why You Should Read #WhatIs Mindfulness?

#WhatIs Mindfulness? by Dr Tamara Russell is a guide for understanding mindfulness and navigating around the common confusions. It takes a Q&A approach to the topic so that it can be an easy reference guide for beginners and experts alike. Alongside the key information there are practical exercises which will help you to learn the mindfulness practise. The combination of Q&A and exercises should help you to live a more contented life and implement a higher level of calm.

Here are 20 reasons why you should read the book:

‘1 Explore the meaning and concept of mindfulness

2 Differentiate between mindfulness and ‘ordinary’ awareness

3 Recognize that you already have mindfulness within you

4 Discover how mindful living benefits both body and mind

5 Understand the key brain networks you are using and developing when you practise mindfulness

6 Become familiar with different types of attention and how we can fine-tune our attentional capabilities

7 Get better acquainted with your wandering mind, and harness its power in line with your intentions

8 Learn how to learn in the most efficient ways

9 Understand the benefits of engaging with life’s challenges in a less reactive, more considered way

10 Improve your self-knowledge and awareness of your own personal habits of mind

11 Feel confident you can make any activity mindful

12 Learn how developing awareness is in our genes

13 Hear the story of how many human civilizations have explored and developed awareness

14 Learn how modern-day mindfulness has grown into the globe-spanning phenomenon it is today

15 Learn how to prepare for mindfulness training, making your efforts most efficient

16 Discover how to be mindful in mindless environments

17 Reflect on your own personal learning style and how this will interact with attempts to unveil your innate mindfulness

18 Explore three key mindfulness practices in depth

19 Challenge yourself to embed mindfulness in everyday activities and interactions

20 Embrace the joy and pain of the human condition to continually learn and grow

– From #WhatIs Mindfulness? by Dr Tamara Russell

If these 20 reasons have you convinced then you can get the book here.

Alternatively, if you’re still not sure then you can read more about its content here.

Let us know if you’ve read it and what your thoughts are!

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