Mindful Education – #WhatIs Mindfulness?

Since being mindful is an old concept which has been used for generations, it is only natural for mindful education to change accordingly. Old traditions are mixing with new technologies and teaching methods, meaning is it an exciting time to begin practicing.  The range of adaptions and innovations within mindfulness has created a lifestyle concept as varied as our jobs. This is beneficial because it means that mindfulness can be adopted by people from all walks of life.

One recent innovation is ‘whole systems’ mindfulness:

‘One innovation is in attempts to create whole systems modelled on mindfulness. The Dragon Café in London is an example of this. It is a creative healing space for the community to explore issues around mental health, fully infused with mindfulness. The team there use mindful processes in their decision-making, and team members and volunteers at the café are trained personally in mindfulness, which impacts on all interactions. Mindfulness is also offered to those who visit the café. This is a space where vulnerability and ‘dis-ease’ are given non-reactive and non-judgemental treatment. It is a living model of how to be aware of even the most painful and difficult experiences in a mindful way to promote growth. Compassion is there, but so is intent, all underpinned by two key questions: How do you want to make sense of this experience? And what do you need right now?’

– From #WhatIs Mindfulness? by Dr Tamara Russell

You can find more detail on this in #WhatIs Mindfulness?It also explores innovations from neuroscience and new ways that mindfulness is being applied.

Mindfulness is something that continues to evolve over time and there will always be new interpretations. As we develop our understanding of mindfulness we will learn how it can affect the human condition. From this, we can continue to connect and thrive in our lives.

Have you heard of any new innovations that have taken place?

We have more information on mindfulness here.

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