Mindfulness Techniques – #WhatIs Mindfulness?

The techniques that you use for mindfulness cannot be determined by a set definition. Each mindful experience is unique to every person, and as such your technique must be personalized. You can read up on different techniques that can help towards a mindful environment, then adapt it until you feel comfortable.

Some of these techniques include mindful walking, mindfulness of the posture, and mindfulness of the breath.

Here is a deeper look into the mindfulness of the breath:

‘Simply, make the breath the focus of your attention.

When focusing on the breath, you are attending to the subtle sensations experienced with each breath, sensory information that can only be in the here and now; not in the past or the future.

If you become aware that you’re trying to control or change the breath at all, you have moved into a breathing exercise and are no longer using the breath as the object for focused attention training. Just watch, don’t add anything to the task. Also be careful not to start analysing the breath, particularly if you find it is short or shallow. It may be altered if you are feeling a strong emotion. Stay with it in an accepting, non-reactive way and, in most cases, it will settle of its own accord’

– From #WhatIs Mindfulness? by Dr Tamara Russell

This is only a small amount of information about mindfulness techniques with plenty more information at your disposal. The key thing to remember and take away from this is that your mindfulness technique must suit you and your lifestyle. If you do this then every mindful experience will be as effective as possible.

Have you tried any specific mindfulness techniques? Which do you think work the best?

You can find top tips and techniques adaptions for mindfulness of the breath inside #WhatIs Mindfulness?

The book also includes great detail into the other mindfulness techniques.

To learn more about the practise of mindfulness, click here.

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