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What Is Post-Traumatic Growth?
What Is Post-Traumatic Growth? book cover

Part of post-traumatic growth is about building resilience learning how to react to immense stress. The definition of resilient can come from many different branches. Due to this, it is down to personal experience to determine which aspect is the most appropriate for that individual.

‘Resilience is about maintaining and regaining psychological well-being in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy and other major sources of stress such as serious health problems or overwhelming work pressures. There is a wide variety of definitions of resilience but psychologists agree on there being three main types:

Resistance resilience. The ability to stand strong while going through adversity, like having your feet planted firmly on the ground.

Recovery resilience, also known as ‘bouncebackability’. Being able to rebound to the level of functioning you had prior to the adversity, like the tree that bends and sways in a storm.

Reconfiguration resilience. The changes that occur through adversity which can improve someone’s capacity to cope with subsequent challenges. This can be a stepping stone to PTG.

The relationship, however, between resilience and PTG is not clear-cut. Some studies suggest that the higher your resilience, the less likely you are to experience PTG as you have less of the struggle with trauma, the mechanism that triggers PTG. I prefer to take the pragmatic view that the actions that build
resilience will also strengthen your chances of the positive transformation that is PTG.’

– From #WhatIs Post-Traumatic Growth? by Miriam Akhtar

In studying these three types it becomes clear that dealing with stress never has a simply answer. Likewise, attempting to solve stress post-trauma is a difficult task that requires time and dedication.

Do you know which type most relates to you?

You can find more information inside #WhatIs Post-Traumatic Growth?

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