Why Practise Mindfulness? – #WhatIs Mindfulness?

The practise of mindfulness is a popular concept in our current culture. As we surround ourselves with more technology and work longer hours, mindfulness has for many balance everyday life. A chance at escapism is appealing, but mindfulness simply offers you a chance at a renewed point of view. This sense of renewal is a way for you to feel calmer and more focused.

‘We are often overwhelmed in the media with articles and stories about mindfulness: how it can help with relationships, at work, in sports, with the management of emotions and the development of emotional intelligence. The list goes on! But how can it be that one thing can have an impact across so many areas of our life and society? How is it that mindfulness – in the many and various formats that we find it – can seem to have such a dramatic influence on people’s lives? And as well as those who point to mindfulness as a panacea for what ails modern society, there are also plenty of sceptics. It is a fascinating and important subject, but what is the reality?

I have seen mindfulness, which is, at its core, a mind-training tool, benefit a wide range of people – from those who want to become more productive at work, to those who are seeking answers to larger, spiritual questions and those who just want more ease and gentleness in their life. However, there is huge variation in the way that it is and can be taught.

In our time-poor society, it is helpful to act as efficiently as possible, and this book will allow your mindfulness journey to be more productive and help you be more confident that you are spending your time wisely.’

– From #WhatIs Mindfulness? by Dr Tamara Russell

Mindfulness is an important idea. Once you start your own mindful thinking it becomes clear how much it can affect your life.

Why do you think we should practice mindfulness?

More detail of mindfulness can be found in Dr Tamara Russell’s book.

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