#WhatIs Sound Healing?


About the book:

Cast your mind back to the last time a sound affected you. Perhaps birdsong set a positive tone for your day or a favourite song lifted your mood. Sound certainly has the power to send our spirits soaring but how exactly does it do this and can it go beyond this to enhance our wellbeing and even help us ‘heal’ ourselves? Recent research has proven that it absolutely can and that sound healing can therefore help us achieve all kinds of personal transformation, enabling us to lead more authentic, connected and contented lives. In this discerning guide, expert¬†Lyz Cooper¬†answers the most frequently asked questions about this intriguing subject, including:

# What is sound and how do we hear it?
# How does sound healing work?
# What happens in a therapeutic sound session?
# What are the day-to-day benefits of using therapeutic sound?
# What can therapeutic sound teach us about our place in the wider world?

The combination of the Q&A approach, insightful case studies and practical exercises means this little book really takes you on a behind-the-scenes tour of this powerful practice, giving everything you need to begin a life-changing journey full of healing potential.