What Is Post-Traumatic Growth?
#WhatIs Post-Traumatic Growth?

Development Areas of PTG – #WhatIs Post-Traumatic Growth?

There are five dimensions of post-traumatic growth which are all key development areas for the individual. These dimensions have been identified by psychologists Tedeschi and Calhoun. Each dimension can be developed further so that they become more applicable […]

#WhatIs Mindfulness?

Why Practise Mindfulness? – #WhatIs Mindfulness?

The practise of mindfulness is a popular concept in our current culture. As we surround ourselves with more technology and work longer hours, mindfulness has for many balance everyday life. A chance at escapism is […]

#WhatIs Mindfulness?

Mindfulness Techniques – #WhatIs Mindfulness?

The techniques that you use for mindfulness cannot be determined by a set definition. Each mindful experience is unique to every person, and as such your technique must be personalized. You can read up on different […]

#WhatIs Mindfulness?

Mindful Education – #WhatIs Mindfulness?

Since being mindful is an old concept which has been used for generations, it is only natural for mindful education to change accordingly. Old traditions are mixing with new technologies and teaching methods, meaning is […]

#WhatIs Mindfulness?

Why You Should Read #WhatIs Mindfulness?

#WhatIs Mindfulness? by Dr Tamara Russell is a guide for understanding mindfulness and navigating around the common confusions. It takes a Q&A approach to the topic so that it can be an easy reference guide […]

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