#WhatIs Sound Healing?

Healing vs. Therapy – #WhatIs Sound Healing?

Sound healing and sound therapy may sound similar but they have one clear distinction. Learning this distinction is important because it transforms an action into something to reflect upon. In this extract Lyz Cooper defines […]

#WhatIs Sound Healing?

Fun Facts About Sound – #WhatIs Sound Healing?

Sound is a fascinating subject that has been studied by scientists for generations. Many of us take it for granted and forget to appreciate how much it affects our lives. There are so many facts about […]

#WhatIs Sound Healing?

Why You Should Read #WhatIs Sound Healing?

Liz Cooper’s aim in writing this book was to provide an accessible guide to sound healing for anyone who would like to learn more about it. It is aimed at the first-time explorer into the world of therapeutic sound, […]

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