#WhatIs Mindfulness?

About the book What is Mindfulness?WhatIsMindfulness_Minjacket

The health benefits of mindfulness (sometimes spelled mindfullness) are being increasingly recognised. There has been recent widespread media coverage on the far-reaching health benefits it has. It is even recommended by the NHS as a way to deal with mental health issues.  As a result the practice has moved from spiritual and new age to secular realms, but in doing so misconceptions have multiplied. So what is the reality?

How can one thing help so many people in such different ways?

In this incisive guide, neuroscientist, clinical psychologist, martial artist and mindfulness teacher Dr Tamara Russell demystifies the confusions that often get in the way of meditation training by addressing the most frequently asked questions, including:

# What does mindfulness really mean and what are its benefits?
# How does mindfulness actually work?
# Where does it come from?
# How can I get the most from mindfulness?
# What are the future possibilities with this practice?

As such, this book brings readers on an exploratory journey through the fascinating world of mindfulness, giving us a deeper understanding of what it means to live mindfully, revealing the depth of its capacity to enhance our everyday lives, and in turn helping us to lead more connected, aware and contented lives.